I believe there is a third lens we must all have: the lens of conscience or a belief that transcends and guides our design. At the end of the day, making something beautiful isn’t enough. A designer must be guided by a set of values or principles. If the designer chooses to be guided by this lens, or an inner voice of light and truth, then s/he will discover that the Lord can grant him/ her capacities far beyond their normal abilities.

Kevin Cantrell is an award-winning graphic designer, branding expert, and alumnus of the Brigham Young University, specializing in typography. Cantrell worked for BYU Magazine as a writer while studying graphic design in the Department of Visual Arts. When he graduated in April 2008, Cantrell was selected to speak at the department’s convocation.

After graduating, Cantrell was hired by Hint Creative as an art director. While there, he won several awards for his print design. In 2012, he branched out on his own to create his own company, Kevin Cantrell Design which he did in addition to his continuing duties at Hint Creative. By the summer of 2014, he took it on full-time.

Much of Cantrell’s work is religiously themed. In 2013, he produced a Christmas promotion that depicted the true light of Christmas. The artwork was printed on Gruppo Cordenons Moondream paper, which turns translucent upon hot stamping and reinforces the concept of light when backlit.

Since starting Kevin Cantrell design, he has earned several other awards and recognitions. In October 2014, the Art Director’s Club awarded him with the Young Guns award which honors promising artists under 30 years old. Additionally, his startup has won three other recognitions in CommArts 2014 Typography Annual.

In 2014, Cantrell worked with fellow alumni (and coworkers at Hint Creative) Gloria Pak, Christian Hansen, and Rory Bruggeman to collaborate with the Museum of Art and Design (MAD) exhibition, The Art of Scent, 1889-2012. It was a unique exhibit that elevated scent to the same level of design.

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