Harris Fine Arts Center

50th Anniversary Magazine - Section 2

Department of Art

Clark Goldsberry

Off-Campus Learning Experiences Inspire Art Students

The trip almost did not happen. Art education Associate Professor Mark Graham and his field study students were traveling to Nepal to study Buddhism when their plans were upended by the 2015 earthquake.

Graphic Design Program

Adrian Pulfer

From the Spoon to the City

How BYU design students are making a name for themselves

Every spring, professors of graphic design take the junior class to New York City to meet with studios and agencies in preparation for internships that summer. BYU’s students are so well regarded that often the design department receives more requests for interns than they can fill.

BYU Touring


BYU’s Touring Program: 50 Years of Shared Vision, Values, and Excellence

Throughout the past 50 years, BYU’s performing groups have traveled across the world instilling hope, triggering smiles, lifting heavy hearts, and bringing joy to hundreds of thousands of joyful recipients. In return, the hearts of the participants of BYU’s performers have been brightened and changed for the better as they have journeyed from this place into all the world.



Anderson-Carter-Burnett Mentoring

Before each semester, Ed Carter sits in his office and flips through course notes and syllabi from when he was a student. Now an associate professor and associate dean, he still thinks about one of his influential professors and how he approached teaching the class.



Helping Children Discover Dance

BYU’s Dance Education program brings dance to elementary schools

A 4-year-old girl sat in the back of her cousin’s dance class and watched as Miss Virginia moved fluidly into the sunny, high-ceilinged studio. She carried a basket of seashells and handed one to each of the dancers, inviting them to touch and listen to them.

Hope of America

Hope of America

In 1996, Kathy Macdonald founded Hope of America, an elementary school musical program designed to promote patriotism and strength of character in children. The program has been adopted in 78 charter, private, home and public schools in Utah.

Macdonald’s work exemplifies the 2015 Harris Fine Arts Center’s 50th anniversary theme, “From this into all the world.”

For decades, the College of Fine Arts and Communications has produced graduates who go on to influence their communities, and Macdonald experienced that transformation firsthand. She grew up in Utah and rarely left the state, but coming to BYU gave her several opportunities to travel.


MOA After Dark

BYU Museum of Art

Twenty-two years ago, on October 13, 1993, President Gordon B. Hinckley dedicated the BYU Museum of Art. Then a counselor in the First Presidency, he declared it to be “a beautiful jewel, . . . a magnificent structure, . . . an element of inestimable worth to this beautiful campus.”

Abigail Norton

Abigail Norton

In Her First Year

Abigail Norton is asking the right questions at the right time

Abigail Norton’s parents have always instilled in her the value of asking the right questions at the right time. This lesson has served her well through high school academics and activities. This may be her first year at BYU, but with an eye to the future as a national newscaster, she speaks with a confidence beyond her years.

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