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50th Anniversary Magazine - Section 1

Jane Clayson Johnson


A Remarkable Journey on a Path Not Planned

The College of Fine Arts and Communications at BYU holds a very special place in my heart. My career in journalism started there. Not only was I trained to the highest professional standards, but more importantly, I was prepared to be a good example and make difficult choices in a tough industry. The lessons I learned at BYU not only guided my career but shaped my life. I am forever grateful.

Art Rascon


Witnesses For The World

A father and his two sons broadcast the news after training at BYU.

As I cover stories around the globe, I look back and realize that my experience at BYU provided a solid foundation that has guided my life since then. That has been an absolute blessing to my life.

I’m a Mormon



The Men Behind I’m A Mormon

While most people visit Times Square in New York City as a tourist, Parry Merkley and Adrian Pulfer stepped into that international icon one spring day in 2012 with an eye for advertising. Yes, they confirmed, this is where it should launch.

Merkley and Pulfer, friends since college, were the two creative thinkers behind the “I’m a Mormon” campaign…

Laura Ostler



BYU Alumna at The Tonight Show

Having good relationships with people is certainly important with regard to networking, but those relationships mean much more when you’re known as someone who works hard and goes above and beyond.

New York Internship

Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline panorama.

Making It There

In 1977, Ray Beckham started the New York City Internship Program for Communications majors’ after hearing students repeatedly talk about their future in what he says were limited terms.

Ryan Murphy


One of Dr. Staheli’s most visible students is Dr. Ryan Murphy, associate music director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and conductor of the Temple Square Chorale. Murphy graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s degree in piano and organ performance and pedagogy and a master’s degree in choral conducting.

Jiamin Huang

Jiamin Huang

A Common Light

Jiamin Huang has been bridging East and West through dance.

It was 1982. In the midst of the Cold War, Chinese professional tennis player Hu Na requested political asylum while touring the United States with China’s national women’s tennis team. When she was granted asylum, China shut its doors to all American performing troupes, including the New York Philharmonic and the Salt Lake-based Ririe Woodbury group.


Napoleon Dynamite

A Mentor Will Be There

It’s no secret that breaking into the film industry can be a daunting challenge—but it’s a challenge that the screenwriting program at BYU has eagerly accepted. The industry and natural talent of graduates and faculty is opening doors for students throughout the country.


LeeAnne Hill Adams


The sort of mentoring relationships that have helped students thrive in the screenwriting program abound in other divisions of the Department of Theatre and Media Arts. Such was the case for LeeAnne Hill Adams.

Department of Art

Clark Goldsberry

Off-Campus Learning Experiences Inspire Art Students

The trip almost did not happen. Art education Associate Professor Mark Graham and his field study students were traveling to Nepal to study Buddhism when their plans were upended by the 2015 earthquake.

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